Livestock Sales

BC PREMISE ID# (PID)Kamloops:   BC449KHAQWilliams Lake:   BC449KDYTVanderhoof:   BC449KHVJOK Falls:   BC449KE93
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Mar 7thOK FALLS REGULAR SALEOkanagan Falls
Apr 25thOK FALLS REGULAR SALEOkanagan Falls
Jun 6thOK FALLS REGULAR SALEOkanagan Falls
Ongoing Events
Effective January 1, 2017, BC Livestock Producers Co-Operative Association will no longer accept "Contributor/Farm of Origin" CCIA tags for untagged animals arriving at our site. Due to numerous issues, any animal requiring a CCIA tag will be tagged with a BC Livestock issued tag, and charged for the tag and chute fee. This will be applicable at ALL BC Livestock yards.
  • HI-HOG
  • Remedy+
  • Orwig Lick Tubs
  • EL-Toro