Why Choose Hi-Hog Livestock Feeders

Producing high-quality hay is no easy task. It requires a substantial financial and time investment, and minimizing loss is a struggle anyone utilizing hay can understand. For this reason, Hi-Hog Livestock Feeders should be utilized. BC Livestock is the premier dealer of Hi-Hog Livestock Feeders in the southern interior of BC with yards in Williams Lake and Kamloops.

About Hi-Hog

Established as Hi-Hog Pig Pens in 1967, the purpose of the company was to design reputable, durable, well-crafted pens that quickly spread to the equine and cattle sectors. Later renamed to Hi-Hog Farm and Ranch equipment, the company takes pride in the safety of their equipment for owners and animals alike, as well as the quality of their products. Though the company grew over the years, their values remained the same. Today in Calgary, they still offer a wide-range of equipment for livestock, and their quality still remains.

Why choose Hi-Hog Feeders?

As mentioned above, the focus of Hi-Hog products has been on the safety of the cattle and those who manage them. Our feeders are also designed to minimize losses from contamination and waste during the feeding process. As much as 50% of what would have been lost is saved with our feeders.

Our designs are well built using Hi-Hog AutoCad designers with an emphasis on durability. We have designed equipment for veterinary facilities, livestock auction marts, large animal education facilities, zoos, and processing facilities.

For the average cattle manager, our feeder panels are designed to save you in waste and in shipping cost, as our process even allows for tightly nested feeder panels. This allows even the shipping of our panels to be economic.

Experienced Leaders in the Cattle Business

Hi-Hog is comprised of 14 highly skilled individuals who perform a variety of tasks, from marketing to safety checks. Their employees date back to the start of the company and have seen it grow over the years. Their team is small, but efficient, and you can be assured that when you call with questions, they are prepared with accurate and applicable answers. Their team knows their product line from cattle handling equipment to Hi-Hog branded feeders.

Come Visit Our Yards

BC Livestock carries part of Hi-Hog’s product line of feeders including the tombstone, hurricane and tornado round bale feeders. The tombstone separates the livestock and reduce feed waste, and contains 12 different feeding positions. The hurricane feeder has stanchions project inwards to reduce feed waste and has 18 different feeding positions. And the tornado round bale feeder has three curved feeder sections that pin together to create a solid bull feeder.

Come visit us today

Whether you need to feed a small or massive herd, Hi-Hog feeders are the perfect solution for reducing waste while ensuring quality construction. Their designers take pride in saving the customer money, and our BC Livestock team looks forward to seeing you at our yards in Kamloops or Williams Lake.

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