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For more than fifteen years Panorama Feeders Finance Program and their experienced cattle team has assisted
BC Ranchers with cash flow, 
expansion and market opportunities. 

We finance calves & yearlings, we will also finance your own calves at fair market price. Hold over your calves
or purchase market calves for feeding or backgrounding for grass.


Borrowing costs at prime plus 1% for feeders, (OAC)  and administration costs are fixed at $4.00 per head. 
The application process is quick and easy. The cattle financed are the only security taken.

Partial security released for partial pay downs and sale proceeds are prorated providing you with cash flow.


For information or to apply, please review the downloadable files listed below in PDF format.

Contact us by phone 250.573.3939
Contact us by email:


View the Panorama Program Outline,  Panorama Application, Financial Statement and Insusrance Coverage PDF's below.


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Program Outline
panorama Outline
Application - Yearlings

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Financial  Statement


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Insurance Coverage